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Building agency in marginalized schools

Dependency to agency

Daycare owners in informal settlements have no alternatives to develop their centres outside of governmental, NGO and donor efforts. The system is bound by a particular power structure from funder to NGO to daycare owner and from government agency to daycare owner: at every level one party needs to beg for funds and support and the other feeds the deficit.  This institutionalised power structure reinforces dependency and removes agency from daycare owners.
As a result, these daycares are always perceived to be charity cases; they are engaged around their deficits by stakeholders and remain wards of external change-workers.

The challenges that exist in low income communities are well documented. What is often under-appreciated is the beauty, resilience and creativity that is interwoven with the difficulties.


EveryChild was formed out of the desire to help unlock the potential and strengths of communities in order for them to facilitate their own paths towards finding solutions to their own challenges.


Our mission is to be a tool of agency in the hands of daycare owners who wish to raise funds for the development of their centres.

EveryChild is in its beta testing phase.

Building agency in

marginalized schools

Founding Team

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