Vitality to schools. Vitality to a nation.

Foundations first

In the absence of the state’s child subsidy, children who attend unregistered daycare centres face daily threats to their health through classroom structural and fire safety, ablution hygiene, inadequate water and electrical connectivity, lack of perimeter fencing, access to nutrition and hygienic food preparation facilities amongst others. Unsurprisingly, numerous studies cite quality and stability of environment to be a foundational facilitator of cognitive, behavioural and emotional development in children. EveryChild seeks to place agency in the hands of crèche owners to facilitate their own compliance progress in the absence of alternatives from the current system.


South Africa has approximately 25,000 Early Childhood Development centres, 60% of them are in urban areas and more than 80% are under-resourced.  For a daycare accommodating a national average of 75 children, EveryChild has the potential to raise more than R750 per month for the centre participating.  Considering the average monthly school fee for township daycares is R120 and that 50% of parents do not pay every month, this represents a 16% increase in monthly revenue.  South Africa’s 25,000 daycares represent approximately 1.9million households and 8 million people.  This impact market grows with application to primary schools which are linked to more than 6million households and 24million South Africans.