Alternative Fundraising

Rewarding schools for their parents' shopping

No charitable
donations required

As a matter of survival, all daycare centres in informal settlements run fundraising campaigns throughout the year.  Daycare owners cite high participation rates (>50%) from parents in these efforts.  Fundraisers are always initiated around ring-fenced infrastructure improvements or to subsidise important events in the daycare calendar.


EveryChild provides owners with a new fundraising tool in the form of an app which allows daycares to create and run fundraising projects with their linked families.  Parents are not required to spend more on their household purchases each month, rather our app recommends specific brand alternatives which bring rewards to the daycare fund.  Rewards from consumer brands are verified and allocated to the daycare by uploading scanned shopping receipts into EveryChild.

Consumer insights

18 million South Africans live in informal settlements and this population remains poorly understood due to exclusionary legacy of Apartheid social and spatial engineering.  By accessing and analysing the consumer behaviour of our fundraising participants, EveryChild establishes visibility on this marginalised market segment.  As a result, we are able to offer a measurable return on investment to consumer brands for marketing their products to parents.